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Linked:HR (#1 Human Resources Group)

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Who am I? 1,545 comments »

Started by Sharad Shinde-Patil

Race to meet the dawn of a new year, my friends. It will be filled with treasures that only your eyes can see.

By Michael Chevalier

What's your favorite quote? And why? 588 comments »

Started by Arun Vemuri

I have 2, one from a college friend when I was feeling discourged looking for that 1st real job out of college, I call it "The Paula Prin...
More » By Mary Roberts, CPP

Happy Holidays from Linked HR! Please post your Good Wishes to all in the Comment area. 183 comments »

Started by Cris Wildermuth, Ed.D.

Ring out the old. Invite in the new. As we say goodbye to one year, we can look forward to the hope and possibilities of another one. Wi...
More » By Abbie Gnewuch

Discussions (11)

What's your outlook on raises for 2010? And what model do you use, a cost of living and merit increase, or a performance based only? If cost of living is used, how are you determining the base? Add a comment »

Started by Susan Parent, Manager of Finance & HR at Snowbound Software

GOODBYE 2009 ! Add a comment »

Started by Marc Berlin, Job Interview and Personal Selling Coach

Human Resources... why? 1 comment »

Started by Jennifer Luzar, Admin. Support/HR - ISO Management Rep. at CS Tool Engineering

Have you benchmarked your 401(k) plan recently? Add a comment »

Started by Eric Hagebusch, Senior Vice President - Executive Planning

Are job recruitment agencies relevant anymore? 1 comment »

Started by Rachel Bradley, Internship at Focus

The Good News About Health Reform and How it Will Impact You. 1 comment »

Started by Scott Foster, President & ROI Expert, Wellco Corporation

Do you Discriminate Against Candidates Without a College Degree? Are you worried about a law suit? . 1 comment »

Started by Jerold Aulph - LION, at JFA Battery Management & Automation Consulting

I am looking for information on vacation purchase plans and trying to find out more specifically how they operate. Does anyone out there work with such a plan? Add a comment »

Started by Leanne Kline, Human Resources Manager at Pier 1 Imports

Results using Monster, is it worth the cost? Add a comment »

Started by Marcia Langdon, Senior SAP Technical Recruiter at Delta Solutions

For those who outsource resume processing services, do you prefer domestic or offshore? Does it matter to you? Add a comment »

Started by Wm. Martin, Sales Director, i-Q Software

# 1 Goal for 2010 Add a comment »

Started by John Bishop, Our mission is to help your business succeed.

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10 Healthy Careers 1 comment »

I resently went to dinner with a retired recruiting friend and another recruiter and I mentioned that I thought he had lost weight. He told me that after 82 years of life he finally discovered how to loose weight and keep it off. His answer was simple...."Eat Less" Well we all know this but knowing and doing ...well you get the point. Two years ago I joined a local Snap Fitness gym and have developed a five day a week workout. I look forward to my 6:00 a.m. hour every morning. Not in the begining but now I wouldn't miss. Working out is a habbit and we all know you make a habit your own after 21 days. By the end of January, you will see the difference in your weight, energy and overall attitude to this business.

Good Luck.

Pete Piazza Owner
Professional Placements of Michigan Inc
248 922 7277
By Pete Piazza, Owner, Professional Placements of Michigan, Inc.

Woman Represents God's Emotions ! Don't Hurt Her !!! 2 comments »

I read your posting and appreciated this honor as a woman. It seems as if violence toward women has increased in my country. If it is physical, it is clear. Yet the greatest of indicators is divorce which I have experienced as another form of violence. It is heart-destructive to "cast away" a human heart. Your message was a touch of sensitivity for my mind, thank you! Blessings to you in 2010!
By Deborah Dumont, Experienced Professional

New Linked 2 Leadership Blog Topics for 2010 1 comment »

This is not your average leadership blog....

There are over 40+ Contributing Authors from the Linked 2 Leadership Group on LinkedIn. They each are trained and encouraged to bring their personal experience, expertise, and heartbeat to their writings. They get AMAZING responses to their posts! They seem to be striking a positive chord or two.
By Tom Schulte, Executive Director | Linked 2 Leadership & CEO | Recalibrate Professional Development

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Small Business Insurance Add a comment » | December 28, 2009

You have to be well informed in order to find the right insurance for your small business that meets your particular needs and risk. Here are a few important tips to consider when looking for insurance that will work for you. (...)R…

How to Land the Jobs of the Future Add a comment » | December 31, 2009

Career experts say the key to securing jobs in growing fields will be coupling an in-demand degree with emerging trends. Job seekers will need to branch out and pick up secondary skills or combine hard science study with softer skills.…

The Value Proposition; Everyone Needs One Add a comment » | December 31, 2009

Remember the good old days? People used to return calls and email. When inquiring about a job, applicants used to ask, "What do you want?" One well-written resume fit every opportunity. Demand for people ...…

Leaders, Teams, Cats and Mice - What do they have to do with execution? Add a comment »

Teamwork and Leadership Bloggings | December 31, 2009

In an old and wonderful Aesop fairy tale, the only thing that stood between a house full of mice and their complete happiness was the cat. The mice got together one evening and came up with various plans to deal with the danger of t…

Job Discussions (7)

Human Resources Manager- Training and Development (bilingual mandarin) Huawei Technologies (US HQ in Plano, TX) Add a comment »

Posted by Mark Bibb, Marketing Recruiter at Huawei

Human Resources Manager- Performance Management Huawei Technologies (US HQ in Plano, TX) Add a comment »

Posted by Mark Bibb, Marketing Recruiter at Huawei

Technical Recruiter (Denver, CO & Overland Park, KS) Add a comment »

Posted by Randal (Randy) Streff, President and CEO at Streffco Consultants, Inc.

Manager, Human Resources - HR Business Partner (Long Island based, no relocation assistance for this role). Add a comment »

Posted by Sheri Eginton-Ryan, Manager, Talent Acquisition at Broadridge

Benefits Supervisor position @ Sears Canada Add a comment »

Posted by Laith Dawod, Technical Director at Laith Design Group Inc., Toronto


Posted by Laith Dawod, Technical Director at Laith Design Group Inc., Toronto

BeneTemps/HR Placement Group is looking for a Personalized Communication /Benefits Data Analyst for our client in the Metro Boston Area. Resumes: Add a comment »

Posted by Vicky Griffith, BeneTemps/HR Placement Group | LION | open to all invitations

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