Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Greetings

a venture - Brijjing People wishes you a very happy & successful new year ahead
Dear Ragini,
New year is the time to make resolutions and adopt good habits that lead you to success. brings you communities of professionals that help you with your resolutions.

Time Management
Tips from experts & sharing how can you maxmise performance by managing time
Discussions: 5 Files: 5 Links: 6 Polls: 1 Videos: 40 Presentations: 39
Goal Setting
Tips on how to set goals - Life or professional Goals
Discussions: 2 Files: 3 Links: 6 Videos: 41 Presentations: 32
Health & Fitness
For those of us who are very interested in keeping a healthy body
Discussions: 5 Links: 6 Videos: 27 Presentations: 20
Managing Money
In times like these it pays to be smart with your money
Discussions: 8 Files: 13 Links: 7 Polls: 1 Videos: 33 Presentations: 26 Events: 1
Winning Strategies for Life & Career
Career and Life advice from Dr. Malavika Desai, Psychologist and Educator
Discussions: 15 Links: 9 Videos: 27 Presentations: 6 Events: 1 - Brijjing People

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