Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SAP -- SE/SSE/TL/AM -- Accenture


Glad to inform you about the job opening with Accenture for all SAP Modules.

Please forward your resume only if your profile suits to the below SAP modules.

Excellent opening in Multiple location like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon for SAP Modules Like

Skill Level Location
HR Process Design TL Mumbai
Master Data Management TL Chennai
SAP-ABAP AM Bangalore
SAP-ABAP AM Hyderabad
SAP-ABAP-HR AM Bangalore
SAP-ABAP-HR SE Bangalore
SAP-ABAP-HR TL Bangalore
SAP-ABAP-IS-Utilities SE Pune
SAP-ABAP-IS-Utilities SSE Pune
SAP-ABAP-IS-Utilities TL Pune
SAP-BI Accelerator AM Pune
SAP-BI Front End-BEx Query Designer TL Bangalore
SAP-BI Front End-BEx Query Designer TL Hyderabad
SAP-BI Front End-BEx Web Analyzer and Rpt Designer AM Hyderabad
SAP-BI-Business Info Warehouse (BW) AM Bangalore
SAP-BI-Business Info Warehouse (BW) AM Chennai
SAP-BI-Business Info Warehouse (BW) AM Pune
SAP-BI-Business Info Warehouse (BW) TL Bangalore
SAP-BI-Business Info Warehouse (BW) TL Chennai
SAP-BI-Business Info Warehouse (BW) TL Mumbai
SAP-BI-Business Info Warehouse (BW) TL Pune
SAP-BI-Warehouse Management SSE Mumbai
SAP-BI-Warehouse Management TL Pune
SAP-Business Intelligence AM Hyderabad
SAP-Business Intelligence AM Mumbai
SAP-Business Intelligence AM Pune
SAP-Business Intelligence TL Bangalore
SAP-Business Intelligence TL Gurgaon
SAP-Business Intelligence TL Pune
SAP-Business Objects-Data Tools SSE Bangalore
SAP-CO-Controlling AM Bangalore
SAP-CO-Controlling AM Gurgaon
SAP-CO-Controlling SE Bangalore
SAP-CO-Controlling SE Hyderabad
SAP-CO-Controlling SE Pune
SAP-CO-Controlling SSE Gurgaon
SAP-CO-Controlling SSE Hyderabad
SAP-CO-Controlling TL Bangalore
SAP-Collections & Disbursements for Insurance SSE Bangalore
SAP-Collections & Disbursements for Insurance TL Bangalore
SAP-CRM-Sales & Service AM Bangalore
SAP-CRM-Sales & Service AM Mumbai
SAP-CRM-Sales & Service SE Hyderabad
SAP-CRM-Sales & Service SE Pune
SAP-CS-EHSCM-Environment Health & Safety AM Bangalore
SAP-CS-EHSCM-Environment Health & Safety SSE Bangalore
SAP-CS-EHSCM-Environment Health & Safety SSE Gurgaon
SAP-CS-EHSCM-Environment Health & Safety SSE Hyderabad
SAP-CS-EHSCM-Environment Health & Safety TL Bangalore
SAP-CS-EHSCM-Environment Health & Safety TL Pune
SAP-CS-Global Trade Services (GTS) SSE Bangalore
SAP-CS-Global Trade Services (GTS) SSE Mumbai
SAP-CS-Global Trade Services (GTS) TL Mumbai
SAP-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) AM Bangalore
SAP-Deposits Management for Banking SSE Bangalore
SAP-E-Sourcing SSE Bangalore
SAP-FI-Accounts Payable AM Mumbai
SAP-FI-Accounts Payable TL Gurgaon
SAP-FI-Accounts Payable TL Hyderabad
SAP-FI-Accounts Receivable AM Gurgaon
SAP-FI-Accounts Receivable TL Pune
SAP-FI-Asset Management TL Bangalore
SAP-FI-General Ledger AM Bangalore
SAP-FI-General Ledger TL Bangalore
SAP-FI-General Ledger TL Chennai
SAP-Financial Accounting for Banking SSE Mumbai
SAP-Financials, Corp Serv, SEM TL Chennai
SAP-Financials, Corp Serv, SEM TL Hyderabad
SAP-Financials AM Bangalore
SAP-Financials TL Pune
SAP-FSCM-Treasury & Risk Management SE Bangalore
SAP-FSCM-Treasury & Risk Management SSE Bangalore
SAP-HCM-TM-Enterprise Learning TL Mumbai
SAP-HCM-WPM-Employee Administration SSE Pune
SAP-HCM-WPM-Payroll & Legal Reporting AM Bangalore
SAP-HCM-WPM-Payroll & Legal Reporting AM Mumbai
SAP-HCM-WPM-Payroll & Legal Reporting TL Bangalore
SAP-HCM-WPM-Payroll & Legal Reporting TL Pune
SAP-HCM-WPM-Time & Attendance TL Bangalore
SAP-Human Capital Management AM Mumbai
SAP-Human Capital Management TL Pune
SAP-Information Lifecycle Management SE Bangalore
SAP-Information Lifecycle Management SSE Bangalore
SAP-Information Lifecycle Management TL Bangalore
SAP-Inventory Management (MM-IM) AM Bangalore
SAP-Inventory Management (MM-IM) SE Hyderabad
SAP-Inventory Management (MM-IM) TL Chennai
SAP-Inventory Management (MM-IM) TL Gurgaon
SAP-Inventory Management (MM-IM) TL Pune
SAP-Logistics Execution (LE) AM Mumbai
SAP-Logistics Execution (LE)-Warehouse Management AM Bangalore
SAP-Logistics Execution (LE)-Warehouse Management AM Hyderabad
SAP-Logistics Execution (LE)-Warehouse Management SSE Hyderabad
SAP-Logistics Execution (LE)-Warehouse Management SSE Mumbai
SAP-Logistics Execution (LE)-Warehouse Management TL Bangalore
SAP-Logistics Execution (LE)-Warehouse Management TL Hyderabad
SAP-Logistics Execution (LE)-Warehouse Management TL Pune
SAP-Logistics Execution-Shipping (LE-S) SSE Bangalore
SAP-Logistics Execution-Shipping (LE-S) TL Bangalore
SAP-Master Data Management-Data Modeling TL Bangalore
SAP-Master Data Management-Integrated Solution Design TL Bangalore
SAP-Master Data Management-Integrated Solution Design TL Chennai
SAP-Master Data Management-SRM-MDM Catalog TL Bangalore
SAP-NetWeaver-Exchange Infrastructure (XI) AM Bangalore
SAP-NetWeaver-Exchange Infrastructure (XI) AM Gurgaon
SAP-NetWeaver-Exchange Infrastructure (XI) AM Hyderabad
SAP-NetWeaver-Exchange Infrastructure (XI) AM Mumbai
SAP-NetWeaver-Exchange Infrastructure (XI) SE Bangalore
SAP-NetWeaver-Exchange Infrastructure (XI) SE Hyderabad
SAP-NetWeaver-Exchange Infrastructure (XI) SSE Bangalore
SAP-NetWeaver-Exchange Infrastructure (XI) SSE Chennai
SAP-NetWeaver-Solution Manager SSE Bangalore
SAP-Oil & Gas AM Bangalore
SAP-Oil & Gas-Downstream SSE Bangalore
SAP-Oil & Gas-Downstream SSE Hyderabad
SAP-Oil & Gas SSE Bangalore
SAP-Planning-Integrated Planning (IP) SE Pune
SAP-Planning-Integrated Planning (IP) SSE Pune
SAP-PLM-Asset Lifecycle Management AM Bangalore
SAP-PLM-Asset Lifecycle Management AM Hyderabad
SAP-PLM-Plant Maintenance (PM) SE Bangalore
SAP-PLM-Plant Maintenance (PM) SSE Bangalore
SAP-PLM-Plant Maintenance (PM) SSE Pune
SAP-PLM-Plant Maintenance (PM) TL Gurgaon
SAP-PLM-Plant Maintenance (PM) TL Pune
SAP-PLM-Quality Management (QM) SSE Bangalore
SAP-Portal (NetWeaver Portal/Enterprise Portal) SE Pune
SAP-Portal (NetWeaver Portal/Enterprise Portal) SSE Bangalore
SAP-Portal (NetWeaver Portal/Enterprise Portal) TL Chennai
SAP-Portal (NetWeaver Portal/Enterprise Portal) TL Gurgaon
SAP-Portal (NetWeaver Portal/Enterprise Portal) TL Mumbai
SAP-Portal Architecture SE Bangalore
SAP-Portal Architecture SSE Bangalore
SAP-Product Dev, Mfg & PLM SSE Hyderabad
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) AM Hyderabad
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) AM Pune
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SE Chennai
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SE Hyderabad
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SE Mumbai
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SSE Bangalore
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SSE Chennai
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SSE Hyderabad
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SSE Pune
SAP-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) TL Bangalore
SAP-Project System (PS) SSE Hyderabad
SAP-Project System (PS) SSE Pune
SAP-Project System (PS) TL Hyderabad
SAP-Project System (PS) TL Mumbai
SAP-Purchasing (MM-PO) TL Gurgaon
SAP-Retail AM Bangalore
SAP-Retail SE Bangalore
SAP-Retail SSE Bangalore
SAP-Retail TL Bangalore
SAP-Retail TL Hyderabad
SAP-Retail-Whlsale Dist-Forecasting & Replenishment TL Bangalore
SAP-Retail-Wholesale Dist-POS Interface SSE Hyderabad
SAP-SCM-APO-Advance Planner & Optimizer SSE Bangalore
SAP-SCM-APO-Advance Planner & Optimizer TL Mumbai
SAP-SCM-APO-Supply Network Planning (SNP) AM Hyderabad
SAP-SCM-APO-Supply Network Planning (SNP) TL Pune
SAP-SCM-Planning & Logistics AM Bangalore
SAP-SCM-Planning & Logistics TL Bangalore
SAP-SCM-Planning & Logistics TL Hyderabad
SAP-Security SE Mumbai
SAP-Security TL Chennai
SAP-Security TL Pune
SAP-SEM-Business Consolidations (BCS) SSE Bangalore
SAP-SEM-Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) AM Bangalore
SAP-SEM-Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) SSE Bangalore
SAP-SEM-Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) SSE Gurgaon
SAP-SEM-Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) SSE Hyderabad
SAP-SEM-Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) TL Gurgaon
SAP-SEM-Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) TL Hyderabad
SAP-Smart Forms TL Gurgaon
SAP-SRM & Procurement SSE Hyderabad
SAP-SRM-Operational Procurement AM Bangalore
SAP-SRM-Operational Procurement SSE Bangalore
SAP-Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) SE Bangalore
SAP-Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) SSE Bangalore
SAP-Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) SSE Mumbai
SAP-Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) TL Bangalore
SAP-Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) TL Pune
SAP-Utilities AM Chennai
SAP-Utilities AM Pune
SAP-Utilities SSE Pune
SAP-Utilities TL Pune
SAP-Web Dynpro AM Bangalore
SAP-Web Dynpro SE Bangalore
SAP-Web Dynpro SSE Bangalore
SAP-Web Dynpro TL Bangalore
SAP-Workflow AM Bangalore
SAP-Workflow AM Pune
SAP-Workflow SSE Pune
SAP-Workflow TL Bangalore
SAP-Workflow TL Gurgaon

Atleast 1 SAP implementation is must.

Exp - 2.5 to 15 yrs

Company Name- Accenture (www.accenture.com)

If your interested for this opening please send me your updated profile to the below id and don't forget to send me the details which I mentioned below.

Need Details:

Total Exp -
Relevant Exp (SAP)Plz mention the module name -
First Name â€"
Last Name â€"
DOB â€"
Contact No â€"
Email Id --
Two Preferred Job Location --
Notice Period -

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